Filipino American Immigrant Interview Paper

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For six years I have known my friend “Annie Valentin” from a community college, the second generation of Filipino Americans. Although I never knew much about her family immigration background and experiences. Her parents born in Manila, Philippines, Mr. Valentin was born in the 1940s and Mrs. Valentin was born in the 1950s. They immigrated to the United States in the 1970s for jobs offered. Like countless first generations of Filipino American from the post-1965 wave, they have achieved a high educational level. However, they had a different socioeconomic background. This paper is to persuade representing Filipino American in Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issue and History of Asian Americans Exploring Diverse Roots to capture Mr. …show more content…

Mr. and Mrs. Valentin mention, “sometimes they did regret immigrated to the United States since they have families and friends in the Philippines” (Personal interview with Mr. and Mrs. Valentin, 2018). In my own experience, I am 1.5 generations of Chinese American immigrants. My family and I immigrated to the U.S. in early 2004, when we have made our decision immigrated here, we abandoned our families and friends in Hong Kong. After we moved to Los Angeles, the first year my family and I did regret immigrated to the U.S. since we have few families and friend in the U.S. and majority of our families and friends were in Hong Kong. Thus, we often write letters and phone calls as the only way we feel connected with them. As the interview going deeper, we have talked about discrimination as being Filipino American and stereotypes. In Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues, Dorothy Cordova talk the discrimination and stereotypes of Filipino Americans. She describes, “the stereotype of Filipinos as savages who ate dogs as one of the most painful. This common stereotype of Filipinos as ‘dogeaters’…common stereotypes of Filipinos has been that of the ‘houseboy’ or ‘steward’” (Min, 188). Mr. and Mrs. Valentin never been discriminated as being Filipino American since they immigrated to the U.S. for a job offered. Although they had been stereotyped as certain skill worker based on

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