Immigrant Family Essay

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An immigrant family wants the best for everyone lives, however moving to a new country brings struggles. There struggles include finding a home, a good paying job, avoiding to be deported, being separated ,and continuing their education. Immigrants expect a better life because their old home and country did have much benefits as the new country gives them. The advantage of an immigrant family is family values which tends them to be closer. Disadvantages of an immigrant family are the struggles that were first mentioned and including that they face other people calling them a threat. Their life may not be perfect but it’s their way of living to get where they want to be no matter who or what gets in the way. For instance, my parents were young …show more content…

A wealthy family has no worries in having a fancy house, good quality clothes and items, a high paying job, higher education, and money. What makes immigrant families and wealthy families bedifferent from each other is there financial standing and education. Therefore, the advantages the wealthy families have been mention from there no worries and including that they have financial freedom to travel, to spend, and to invest. Certainly, in an article named “America’s wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record” written by Richard Fry mention that the wealthiest families “have a median net worth that is nearly 70 times that of the country’s lower-income families” (1). In fact, they are living the life more than immigrant families however they do have disadvantages as a wealthy family. A wealthy family’s disadvantages are disconnection with family, children might not learn the value of money, people want something out of your family’s wealth, and may bring unwanted attention towards the family. Likely ‘typical wealth level of these families increased each decade over the past 30 years “(Fry 12) indicating that they have no worries such as an immigrant families that are middle class who work the hard labor. However, the best way to live life in my point of view is to appreciate what we have and love your

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