Challenges Immigrants Face Essay

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There are many challenges that immigrants face throughout their lives. Many immigrants are able to come to the U.S., but it is not easy as it seems. One challenge that immigrants go through is being able to have respect that the U.S. citizens have. Another challenge that immigrants face is being able to adapt to the new environment. People who arrive in the U.S. might not be able to speak English. The most significant problems that immigrants face are language barrier and assimilation. The first issue is immigrants is fitting in. From an interview, Ms. Tran stated “ When I had came to the U.S., people did not take the time to get to know who I was as a person, but instead they had judged me. They were malevolent. (Tran). The reason being is …show more content…

Ms. Tran had a difficult time adapting to the new environment. She experienced culture shock. She also left everything she had and her culture in Vietnam to be in the U.S. and freedom. Likewise, in the story “ Blaxicans “ Richard states “ I recognize assimilation” … Laotians have never in the history of the world, as far as I know, lived next to Mexicans… They don’t like each other (Rodriguez). This shows that immigrants are struggling to cull cultures and new environment. Richard Rodriguez, also states “ I was talking to the Laotian kids about why they don’t like the Mexican kids ( Rodriguez ). This also relates because Ms. Tran also said, because of her race, she did not get along well with others. This shows that assimilation is also one of the most significant problems that immigrants face. Others may say that discrimination is the most significant problem. However, assimilation and communication issues are the most predominant struggles that immigrants face. The reason being is that immigrants have divers of cultures and beliefs. Which means that it is difficult to adapt to the new environment. Language barriers is also a predominant problem because there are many languages. But yet immigrants are not taken seriously because of where they are from and what language they

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