Immigration In Plymouth Plantation

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Effects of Immigration Immigration has been occurring since the dawn of time, People moving from one place to another for better living conditions. Immigration is both good and bad for the country that is involved. People bringing in great new ideas to help grow the country but it can also created over population and less job opportunity for the citizens of the country. These are all mentioned in Plymouth Plantation, Mother Tongue, Balboa, and Blaxicans. Immigrants’ impact on America is both negative and positive depending on the viewpoint of the original culture. Without immigration America wouldn’t be the same place it is today. It’s what brought in the people who had dreams of a better life who invented the most amazing and brilliant things we have to day. In the short story “Plymouth Plantation” it shows the viewpoint of the pilgrims who migrated…show more content…
In the story “Balboa” it shows the devastating changes that immigration can have. ”They have seen his soldiers tear babies from their mothers, toss them still screaming to feed the dogs. They have seen the great dogs pursue the escaping indians, who must hear nothing but a great painting, the jangle of the dogs’ armer, and then, who knows?” (Balboa pg 81). In Balboas quest he destroyed many indian villages with no mercy shown consequently causing them to become fearful of the Spanish and their dogs. In addition to the excerpt from “Balboa” in “Mother Tongue” She talks about how her mother 's english affected her. “... When I was growing up, my mothers ‘limited’ English limited my perception of her. I was ashamed of her English. I believed that her English reflected the quality of what she had to say.” (Mother Tongue pg ) This shows us that the language barrier can not only have an effect on the immigrant themselves but also their children. Furthermore there are situations where the immigrants affect the country both positively and
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