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  • Unemployment In Spain

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    Spain, is a country that the world knows as a hustling part of Europe, and of course for its ham. Well, unbeknownst to me Spain has endured interesting macroeconomic situations that have affected different parts of its society. Being part of the European Union is unique in the way in that it is often compared to sibling countries such as France and Germany, but also adds another dimension to social and economic problems the country faces because they often are compared to those countries as well

  • Modernism In Spain: The Francisco Franco Era Of Spain

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    The Francisco Franco era of Spain was a long and hard one for the Catalan’s. Franco was a Spanish general who seized power and ruled over Spain as a military dictator for thirty- six years until he died in 1975. During his regime over Spain, he implemented many policies to weaken the Catalan nationalism, Barcelona as a city, and expression of individual opinion and this was a major reason modernism was delayed in coming to Spain. During the last years of Franco’s regime, the people of Barcelona

  • Spain As A Tourist Destination

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    Spain as a Tourist Destination Spain is located in Europe. It is one of the most popular tourist holiday destinations worldwide. Spain ranks one of the world 's largest travel destination. Reasons for Spain being a tourist destination include the beautiful weather, the resorts, the nightlife, art and culture and the many different beautiful places and it also has destinations for city breaks. Spain 's most tourists visit from the UK, France & Germany. The currency in Spain is euro, this is another

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Spain

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    Spain is one of the many beautiful countries around the world. It is located in southwestern Europe. It is a country that is rich with its history. According to Telegraph UK (n.d.), Spain was ranked as the third highest tourism destination in 2014. One of the main tourism organizations in Spain is “Espana" or more known as It is the official tourism website of Spain that provides viewers with all the information they need while visiting Spain. In addition, they provide a service where

  • The Importance Of Fiestas In Spain

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    Spain is famous for its fiestas and religious celebrations. There are big fiestas celebrated in all Spain or very local ones, celebrated only in one village. 1. Las Fallas Valencia is the city were Las Fallas takes place from 15 March to 19 March. Officially it begins at the last Sunday in February with the opening ceremony La Crida. And it ends with La Crema where they burn more than 600 statues (los ninots) which are monuments of wood and polystyrene. Although, the celebration takes place the

  • Compare And Contrast Malaysia And Spain

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    Malaysia and Spain are two very different countries. They are both one of the top tourism countries in the world. Spain is in the southwest part of Europe and Malaysia is the southeast of Asia. Spain makes $61.6 billion just on tourism and Malaysia makes $27.4 million. Spain is an overall more of a tourist country than Malaysia is. Malaysia is growing more in their tourism department slowly but surely growing. They thought since the planes crashing and other stuff will slow down the tourists from

  • Beautiful City Of Spain Essay

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    Northern Cities of Spain You have visited Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Valencia. Do you want something unusual? We suggest you visiting some extraordinary cities of that are located in its northern part. Northern Spain is a wonderful land with mountainous landscapes, green valleys and endless sandy beaches stretching along the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Along the old pilgrim road Camino de Santiago, there are numerous temples, monuments, and monasteries. The cozy towns of the north of Spain are inhabited

  • The Importance Of Intergroup Communication In Spain

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    Intergroup communication in Spain focuses mainly on the interactions between the Spanish State and the coexisting national minorities. Spain is a state divided into autonomous communities, three of which - Galicia, Basque Country and Catalonia - are denominated historical communities, having each one its own language, that coexists co-officially with Castilian, the official language in all the State. Because national identities are not fixed but mutable in the face of political, economic and social

  • Analysis Of The God Lugus In Spain

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    In the article The God Lugus in Spain by Tovar, the writer widely discusses the evidence of the god Lugus in the Celtic world. It is discovered from the evidence that there are some similarities between how Lugus was portrayed in each of the Celtic dialects. However for the most part, he was portrayed differently in each Celtic dialect. For example, with the way his name was spelt and spoken and from the folklore tales. Throughout the text, Tovar gives evidence through inscriptions of the god Lugus

  • Descriptive Essay About Spain

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    Spain is best known for flamenco dancing, Sangria, Bull fighting and its many fiestas. It is the largest country is Southern Europe and is mostly a Roman Catholic country. With a population of over fifty million inhabitants, and seventeen communities each having its own government, it is a widely diverse country. Spain has beautiful coastlines and large multinational cities like Barcelona and Madrid, along with the more traditional Spanish towns and cities which still follow old fashioned traditions

  • Regionalism In Imperial Renaissance Spain

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    could hardly be more different from the high, arid plains of Castile, or the gulch-like desert landscapes of Almería. Agriculture makes its mark in the patterened hillsides of the wine- and olive-growing regions and the rice fields of the Levante. Spain is also one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, and there is superb walking and wildlife in a dozen or more sierras - above all in the Picos de Europa and Pyrenees. Spain's unique fauna boast protected species like brown bears, the Spanish

  • My Visit To Spain Essay

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    For my trip to Spain, I plan to visit the city of Barcelona. There are many famous attractions which can be found in this city. Some of the places I plan to visit are the Sagrada Familia Basilica, Camp Nou, the Picasso Museum, Illa Fantasia Water Park, Barcelona Zoo and Park Güell. While on holiday in Spain, I will also be keen on trying out some classic Spanish dishes. When I arrive in Barcelona, the one of the first things I plan to do is to visit the Sagrada Familia Basilica. It is a Roman Catholic

  • Essay: Why Catalonia Should Get Independence From Spain

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    mountains and seashores in the northeastern corner of Spain. The northern Pyrenees and the western Sierra de Cadi create the mountainous profile visible from the eastern stretch of the Mediterranean coast. Also Catalonia population is 7.523 million, which is 4.357 million more than Spain’s capital Madrid. Catalonia should have independence because Catalonia has a different language and also a different culture. Catalonia should get independence from Spain because they speak a different language. One reason

  • Francisco Pizarro: One Of The Most Successful Conquerors In Spain

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    to take away their gold.” That is some words Francisco Pizarro said from the past. Francisco Pizarro was known as one of the most successful conquerors in Spain. I will be discussing Francisco Pizarro's whole life, career, contributions, and what life would be like without Francisco Pizarro. Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain around 1474. He was born an illegitimate child. Which means that Francisco Pizarro's parents never got married. For family, Francisco Pizarro had his mother

  • Depopulation In Spain

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    According to the demographer Francisco Zamora, in order to maintain the population structure in Spain until 2050 every woman had to have 7.5 babies. This breath-taking statement involving the whole country is mainly caused by one area: Central Plateau. Central Plateau in Spain is the biggest geographical unit in the Iberian Peninsula; it goes from Sierra Morena in the South to Picos de Europa in the North, it is also bounded by the Portuguese border and the Ebro River. However, this area has a surprising

  • Unemployment In Spain Essay

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    However, the degree of unemployment in Spain is significantly high in respect to the other countries in the region at the same economic level. Unemployment rate varies from country to country due to difference in population however some level of unemployment will always be present. Most economists agree that the natural rate of unemployment in the economy of a country is around 4% to 6%. During the year 2010, the unemployment rate in Spain grow as high as 20% and 25% in 2012. Eventually

  • Roman Civilization In Spain

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    Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is today an important European country with a very strong culture, influenced by varied populations such as the Visogoths or the Celtics. However, the cultures that have shaped current Spain the most are the Roman civilization and the Arab civilization. These two giant empires conquered what was known as “Hispania” during the Roman time, and “Al-Andalus” during the Arab time; leaving their mark on the country of Spain forever. In order to answer which civilization

  • Parliamentary System In Spain

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    Spain is a constitutional monarchic and parliamentary democratic state. Spain is one of the origins of the parliamentary system country in the world, dating back to the 12th century.Spain modern parliamentary system and national unity parliamentary representative began in the 19th century. The 1812 Constitution, the unicameral parliament decided on behalf of the Spanish people to exercised and established sovereignty continues to this day. " Parliament and the King parallel "system. In 1834, Queen

  • Drug Trafficking In Spain

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    trafficking has become a greater complication for numerous nations including Spain. Spain is considered to be a key gateway to drugs entering the European Union, and this figure is in line with other European drug trade markets. About half of the drugs entering Europe come from Spain. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Spain is the main entry point of cocaine and cannabis into Europe. Spain has also seen increasing numbers of criminal drug trafficking networks

  • Extreme Nationalism In Spain

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    The Basque Nation of Spain is infamous for it’s strong and radical desire to be an independent region and it’s individualistic and extreme nationalism. Many of these beliefs towards the Basque Region are commonly associated with, and stem from the terrorist organization Euskadi ta Askatasuna, translated to Basque Country and Freedom, and abbreviated as ETA. ETA’s main objective is to make the Basque Region a free and independent nation from Spain. From their formation in 1959, during the rule of