Thomas Paine Economic Inequality

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The United States was established upon religious freedom, economic opportunities, and social mobility. Immigrants from various countries brought unique cultures and language, as well as hope for a better future. Thomas Paine’s characterization of America portrays a fair and just government which provides the needs of the population and protects citizens’ rights. Paine states uprisings will be prevented and taxes will be minimal, because the upper and lower class will be equally represented. Even though a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions present, Paine justifies unification among the American population through race equality. Although diversity still exists in today’s society, Paine’s optimistic view of a united American nation …show more content…

Dissatisfaction with economic and social inequality led to a protest movement known as “Occupy Wall Street.” Paine proposes the power between poor and the rich will be balanced. After a recent economic recession, the gap between the rich and the poor widened, which sparked the Occupy Wall Street movement. Frustrated Americans protested the income inequality because the one percent of the American population controls the majority of the wealth. The income inequality contradicts Paine’s statement, as Paine states the rich will not be overpower the poor’s interest. Protesters strive to balance the wealth gap and prevent huge corporations from gaining excessive political …show more content…

Immigrants come from unique backgrounds and ethnicities, but all came with the dream of a better future. Americans who settled in the United States previously resented the Asian newcomers. Asians were barred with several legislations in the past to become citizens, which revealed disunity among the American population. Debates on the current immigration problem demonstrates distrust of other cultures and religions. Individuals seeking opportunities cannot enter the United States because some Americans believe new immigrants may be threats. One of the main reasons why America was established is the pursuit of religious freedom, as every American citizen is given the freedom to practice any or no religion and the right to freedom of speech and expression. Although the pursuit of religious freedom is still true today, discrimination continues in American society. After terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, discrimination against Muslims religion have increased, which illustrates an incompatibility of multiple cultures and religions in the United

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