Being A Mexican American Essay

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One of the toughest adjustments, having been born to Mexican parents, is migrating to an unknown country where traditions and languages differ from one 's own. Though many pursue an education and strive for a better life, the purpose behind an immigrant, like myself, differs from the typical American. Immigrants strive for a life that was once impossible, going to school is not only to attain an education, but to better prove that we can also become successful regardless of our traditions and skin color. I lived in a country for over fifteen years, fearing deportation, not only losing a home, but potentially saying goodbye to a bright future. Although many feel empathy for Mexican-Americans, it is undeniably difficult to truly comprehend the immense trauma children and even adults undergo upon experiencing racism and prejudice. Attending a …show more content…

Such disgrace has allowed for my persona as an intelligent, goal-oriented, and indeed hardworking Mexican-American to evolve. The idea of leaving for college, an idea I was never exposed to and always seemed too far fetched, thankfully has come to light through my dedication to pursue a medical degree. Not only do I want to change the perception of Mexican-Americans’ in this country, I will persevere in assisting those in war-torn countries. Unfortunately, thousands of people have no other option but death due to the lack of medical assistance. Pursuing the ultimate American Dream with the knowledge that many young children are denied the opportunity, for instance, my mother, cia, who due to the lack of resources failed to pursue a nursing degree, has encouraged many Latino-Americans. Many Latino-Americans, including myself, aspire to surpass poverty and discrimination. Through my success, I will undoubtedly change the world, help those in need, and utilize the knowledge I will acquire through my degree to assist those who lack the opportunity to seek a promising

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