My Mexican Culture Essay

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Las Vegas is where I was born and raised. That doesn’t mean that I just gave up on my Mexican culture. Like many others, I have a culture that is both American and Mexican. My culture has shaped my values, perceptions, and behaviors. The culture of my family, community, and society has made who I am as a person in numerous ways. Culture impacted my personality and how I act and feel. To me, culture is a very important part of every person’s life. Culture can influence my different types of values. My mom practices Mormon and my dad is Catholic and because of this circumstance, I grew up with both beliefs. In my family on Christmas, we celebrate the Birth of Christ. We make tons of food such as posole and tamales. At some point of that time everyone gathers around where baby Jesus is and we pray together. In my Mexican culture, we celebrate quinceaneras. When I turned fifteen my dad threw me a quinceanera. This celebration is basically when a lady, such as myself, takes the first step to becoming a woman. It's also a point in life where my dad lets go of his little girl, me. This …show more content…

One of the short stories that we have read was “ By any other name” by Santha Rama Rau. The story is basically about two Indian girls by the name of Premila and Santha. It was there first day of school and so far it wasn’t going good. Their headmaster was white and couldn’t pronounce the girls’ name. As in addition the headmaster gave the girls what she calls “pretty English names.” To the girls it was like she was disrespecting their culture. In their culture, the names Premila and Santha could be such a unique and special name. I have also experience this kind of disrespectful problem. Many English teachers can’t pronounce my name, Nayeli. So they would call me Natalie. To me, that is disrespectful. Although some try to pronounce it but others just call me

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