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societies in the world. These sub-cultures include Whites, African Americans, Asians, Irish, Latino, and European among others. Chicano refers to the identity of Mexican-American descendant in the United State. The term is also used to refer to the Mexicans or Latinos in general. Chicanos are descendants of different races such as Central American Indians, Spanish, Africans, Native Americans, and Europeans. Chicano culture came as result of a mixture of different cultures (Shingles and Cartwright 86). Despite the assimilation by the majority whites the Chicanos have preserved their culture. This paper seeks to prove that Chicano culture has deep cultural attributes that would appeal to the larger American culture, leading to strengthening of…show more content…
Chicano is well known and recognized around the world. Their devotion to Catholic Church and tradition is unparalleled. Their contribution to human development has been substantial and unique (Long, np). Latino culture maintains self-reliance but not in expense of family betrayal as the family is the center of psychological function. Approval of the family is extremely important when one is engaging in any adventure. There are feelings of guilt and anguish when one goes against family members. Compliance is also crucial in preserving meaningful psychological stability (Baugh…show more content…
The adult males are encouraged to marry young women, procreate and increase their family size. Childbearing is highly recommended with relations between people of the same gender is discouraged since it goes against the past and even the present teachings of the Latino community (long, np). Couples are taught their roles and to respect each other in the marriage, which leads to low levels of divorce in such marriages. This can have a great effect if applied to the large American culture, where it can help in shaping the American social life especially the falling institution of

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