Being A Mexican Culture Essay

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I’m the first generation of my family to be Mexican -American, but I have been introduced to the Mexican culture since I was born. I appreciate the difficulties my parents have faced to make me the person that I am today even though I wasn’t born in Mexico my parents have taught me the language and the culture which I’m so proud of being part of. For others being Hispanic is actually being born in any Latin American countries which is not true at all. Being Hispanic is much more than my cultural background it actually describes how much I appreciate my culture and how I get to experience things other people don’t. I fit into the Hispanic community through the experiencing the culture first hand ,participating in traditions and planning to include my culture in my future. As hispanics we like to celebrate a lot, we celebrate some of the same holidays as other cultures. During Christmas time we make posadas which is half religious and half celebrating , we recreate Mary and Joseph’s pilgrimage to Bethlehem .When we finish with that part we start with the party half which we celebrate with food and piñatas. As Hispanics we really do believe in traditions, during christmas time we like to make big parties all our family and friends get together to celebrate we make some traditional food like tamales, punch ,buñuelos and many other food . We also have our own traditions, when I go to Mexico in the end of July we go to a celebration which is called Santana all the people

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