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In a Hispanic tradition growing up, its every little girl 's dream to have a huge party when you turn 15 which in Mexico we call quinceanera. It 's a party where all your loved ones go, Friends and family. It 's all something you shouldn 't forget, from all the food, to our tradition, music, dances, planning , laughter, crying , pictures , presents, and much more stuff. Its all a dream come true that we all have a day that everyone dedicates that day to you and only you .
First thing for my family and I was to plan this whole party a whole 6 months ahead, or others like to do a year ahead, because of course you need to save money for the party and you have almost all your imidate family helping you out with what ever you may need, they all cooperate with any little thing, …show more content…

Those days were always the best three weeks I 've had in my life just because I 've always wanted to be a dancer and the fact that I was able to even perform at MY party was amazing, and we always practiced for three hours, so you really know that we couldn’t mess up.
Of course, we would take our little breaks in between our rehearsal, honestly what got a lot better was that I was able to dance to my favorite singer, her name is Jennifer Lopez, I 've always wanted to be like her growing up, she also dances and I let my teacher know about that and we watched her video to the song that I was going to dance too and we added a lot of her dance moves into my routine and I literally felt like I was dancing just like her. It got even better, the whole idea of it being it a surprise dance is that no one of my family member 's or anyone I knew was able to go in there with me because it would defeat the whole purpose of it being a surprise. My uncle that would drop me off had to leave and come back to get me, it was a little hassle but he didn 't mind because I know he 'd do anything for me. My uncle always dropped me off at 1:00pm

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