Quinceanera Speech

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On November 7, my family and I were invited to attend a quinceanera. A quinceanera is a traditional celebration of life and gratitude to the fifteenth birthday of a young Hispanic girl. It is believed that it was first celebrated by the Aztecs and Mayans and was adapted by the Spanish Catholics that conquered South America. The ancient Mexicans, or Aztecs, had many ceremonies to mark passages through the stages of life. This ritual emphasizes the young girls journey into womanhood and to announce her new social role to the entire community. The most important part of the celebration is the quincearnera dress she is traditionally known to wear. It is usually a pink or white gown, but today all pastel colors are popular and they can simply choose …show more content…

The parents and family friends usually help out to make the party an absolute experience. Everything to the table sets to the cake is in color scheme with the young girls quinceanera gown, even the marvelous decorations fill the room with vibrant colors. The festejada (party) traditionally opens up by officially making her appearance with her escort. She is recognized by everyone in the building. The parents of the young girl start off by making a brindis, or a toast. They remark on the young girl with fond memories and special messages, transferring knowledge and life experience to her. Most importantly to their little girl blossoming into a mature women. The father daughter dance of the is the first dance of the night with the young girl and her father. It's the most emotional dance that symbolizes the young girls first dance with her father as a women. During the waltz, the father takes the time to tell his daughter words of encouragement as she takes her first steps onto life as a new women. Everyone is touched to see such love between the daughter and the father. As soon as the father daughter dance is over it follows by doing the traditional change of the slipper. The young girl sits on a chair and her father switches her shoe into a elegant high heel. This symbolizes a little girl changing into a women. A formal dinner is featured at the party. We are served a Mexican dish called fajitas that has sides of spiced rice and beans. The party wouldn't be a party without the entertainment. During the dinner, to a surprise, the young girl and her damas and chambalians presented a dance to the crowd. They group performed the waltz and a pop dance to get the crowd going for the music! There was a live band including a dj. The kinds of music included a variety of pop, contemporary dance music, cumbia and salsa (mexican dances). There was also older songs for both young and older guest. The music brings

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