Essay On Confetti Girl And Tortilla Sun

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to be misunderstood or to not understand? In the short stories “Confetti Girl” and “Tortilla Sun” they have the same thoughts and i’m here to explain them. Both of the stories have feelings of being misunderstood and to not understand.
To begin, in the Confetti Girl in paragraphs 1-2 it talks about her mom in the past. She remembers what she used to do with her mom after school and now that she's gone everything has changed with her dad now. This suggests that her dad is a single parent and he doesn't understand change. In contrast, in Tortilla’s Sun in paragraph 18 it states that the daughter has to move to New Mexico for the summer while the mom finishes school. In paragraph 46 she gets upset and storms to her room and she gets her dads baseball and this means that she misses him and needs him.
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In paragraph 31, her mom asked her to make friends, but the daughter doesn’t see the point of it. She says she never has time for friends. She also tells mother that they have to move every few months so there's no point. Some more evidence is found in paragraph 24 when she doesn’t want to stay in New Mexico for the summer. The daughter feels like it's a world away from California. She also hasn’t seen her aunt since she was a baby so she feels like a stranger to her. However, her mother feels like moving her there for the summer would be good for her relationship. Also it would help her mom get her degree faster and they wouldn’t have to move anymore.
To conclude the stories “ Confetti Girl” and “Tortilla Sun” had a lot of tension through the narrators and their parents. The parents in both stories were being strict and had to have the last say. The narrator's were both over reacting in my opinion but to them there feelings were hurt. All in all tension rises through

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