Confetti Girl And Tortilla Sun Compare And Contrast Essay

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Have you ever been frustrated with your parents or parent? In the stories, Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun, the both narrators have a hard time making peace with their parent. In both stories, the problems are creating tension between their family, and it’s because of the difference in points of views. Such as the daughter in Confetti Girl, she is frustrated on how the dad is not paying attention to her wants and needs. Also, how she prefers on talking about something meaningful to her than about books. To continue on that thought, in Tortilla Sun, the girl is furious since her mother doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to leave. Therefore, differences in points of view create tension because, the parents were alone in raising their children, and both narrators wanted to regain closeness to their …show more content…

Like Confetti Girl, for example, the conflict is that the dad has a hard time connecting with her daughter. For example, it states, “Dad helps, but he sometimes he makes a big mess.” (2). Building onto the quote, the dad is trying his best, but he makes a mess, unlike the girl’s mother. This issue is creating tension since the conflict is more serious and it’s getting complicated by the moment. Plus, the tension is shown when the girl is trying to make everything seem fine between her and the dad. Now in Tortilla Sun, the mother is alone with her daughter. The daughter is conflicting with her mom, which makes it harder for the mom. As told, “I felt a sudden urge to bolt for the front door and run” (24). The feelings are shown which builds anticipation. Additionally, the daughter has no one else to turn to, except her mom, and since she has to move, the conflict becomes more complex. Which of course, builds tension in the story. To conclude, raising the kid alone has resulted in tension being created between the parent and

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