Tortilla Sun And Confetti Girl: Literary Analysis

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Sometimes you have to look at both perspectives of an argument to completely understand them. The author of Tortilla Sun is Jennifer Cervantes and Diana López wrote Confetti Girl. These two novels are realistic fiction. Confetti Girl revolves around a girl who only has a father who is a teacher and lends her daughter his copy of a book. The girl says that she will read the book but instead puts a soda can on it. Tortilla Sun is about a girl called Izzy and her mother who is a college student. To graduate, Izzy’s mother makes Izzy move to New Mexico for two months with her grandma while she does an experiment. Izzy does not have a choice as her mother already bought plane tickets. The protagonist’s viewpoints differ with those of their parents causing conflict.
The father in Confetti Girl believes that her daughter cares about novels like him when she actually does not. “‘But I left it in my locker. I guess I can’t do my homework.’ ‘Nonsense I’ve got a copy somewhere. Let me look’”(López 5). The father goes out of his way to help her daughter do her homework. “‘Sure, Dad. I’ll start reading right away.’ But I don’t. As soon as he leaves, I put the book on my nightstand and use it as a coaster”(López 5). Even though her father lends …show more content…

The conflict in Confetti Girl seemed somewhat forced. It was difficult to support Confetti Girl’s protagonist because there was no notable problem, more of pointing out flaws of her father. “Dad helps, but sometimes he makes a big mess...I don’t complain when I notice he served ranch-style beans straight from the can instead of heating them up first...I’d rather have Vanessa’s crazy mom”(López 4, 5, 6). Izzy and her mother from Tortilla Sun, on the other hand, have a clear conflict. “‘You’re going to New Mexico and that’s final.’ I swallowed hard and tried not to cry. ‘Why do you always get to decide everything? We just unpacked and I-I had plans’”(Cervantes

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