The Storyteller By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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Life Goals
In the essay “The Storyteller”, Sandra Cisneros describes how her identity was shaped by goals that she had for herself. Starting from a young Cisneros dreamt about living in her own silent home that fitted her taste. Years later after coming home from college she still had the dream of living on her own and also with a career goal of becoming a writer. Cisneros determination to follow her dreams was strong, however, her father’s did not agree with the dreams and even had a different idea of what he wanted for her. Even with her father’s wanting her to live at home until marriage, have children or to become a weather woman. Cisneros continues to go after her dream of living on her own. Although Cisneros had conflict with her father’s, she did not let it stop her from reaching those goals that set out for herself in life.
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Cisneros bring up conflict within herself, because instead of going to her father home on Sunday for dinner, she would rather stay home and write. “I feel like a bad daughter ignoring my father, but I feel worse when I don’t write. Either way, I never feel completely happy.” Cisneros is clearly explaining, that she could not please herself, if she were to give up writing. Cisneros also explain, that her and her father’s conflict does not get in the way of their relationship as father and daughter.
Cisneros demonstrated what it means to set up goals and really go after them. Cisneros had conflict with her father about becoming a writer and living on her own, but manage to continue her dream of being a writer and living on her own, while still having a relationship with her father. From the start of the story Cisneros was determined to jump over anything to achieve goals that she set out for herself in life and in the end she got to enjoy the fruit of

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