The Importance Of Storytelling

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Visual storytelling comes with many different media suchs as films, theatre and animation. All of them have one thing in common, which is telling a story through visuals, showing the audience what we want to tell. Even a photograph can tell a story. In visual storytelling there are many elements that brings it to life, for instance the characters. Great characters can carry the whole story as we are seeing it unfold through them. Other elements includes: sound, editing, cinematography, composition, execution and many more.
The setting of a story is important, it sets the mood and builds the world of the said story. Curiousity breeds expectation, we can expect the outcome of a scene based on the setting. Historical elements, if executed right, is a far better setting for any form of medium such as film, television series or animation. Example of animation’s greatest works are based on historical settings. Studio’s such Disney and Studio Ghibli are perfect examples of a succesful studio that produced animated film that uses historical elements. Studio Ghibili’s Hayao Miyazaki, is considered one of the greatest animators and directors of all time. Many of Miyazaki’s films depicts beautiful scenery of vast historical elements, his way of storytelling and the way he directs a film is very entertaining, he often sets his films in Japanese-influenced versions of European cities. Jonah Inserra (2016) stated, “Despite their near-universal appeal, Miyazaki’s works draw considerable

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