Sonny's Blue Dialogue Analysis

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To make not only a good story, but an interesting one. You need to have a plot, characters, and a dialogue. Whether it be a story you read, a TV show, or a movie. All the different types of stories have a plot, characters, and a dialogue. The plot gives the reader a main concept on what they are reading. Characters bring the story to life. Dialogue is what brings the characters to life. Having these three attributes you will have an intriguing story. You can have a diverse set of characters. The character can be someone in the story, like Sonny in, “Sonny's Blue.” There are also a few other characters in the story. The brother who narrates, his wife, children, and the man he ran into the courtyard. The character can be unknown, like Charlotte in, “The Yellow Paper.” The…show more content…
If you don't have a clear plot the story can end up with no ending. The ending may be unclear and not make sense. If the writer is not wanting the reader to predict what will happen. A plot twist is something to consider. Having plot twists in the story can bring an exciting new perspective to the story. For example, “Royal Beatings” there is no point blank plot. The story goes in several directions I had to read it twice to fully understand everything. Gilman's, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a good example too. She doesn't discuss one specific time, or story. Having dialogue also helps the reader follow what is being said in a story. Having a dialogue gives characters a personality. Without dialogue the reader doesn't know who is telling the story. The reader also won't know who is speaking. In, “Sonny's Blues” Sonny's brother has most of the dialogue. There is the conversation with Sonny in the living room. That helped his brother understand why Sonny was the way he was. In the “Royal Beatings” Rosie tells the story. The story goes in several directions, and she helps by describing
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