Protagonist Essays

  • The Protagonist Analysis

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    displays what society thinks a hero should be. However not all protagonist show the same traits; some do not even seem like heroes or good guys, they seem more like villains than heroes. This makes the reader support the antagonist because they seem more of a hero than the protagonist. This happens during The Nether. Sims, the antagonist of the book, seems more like a protagonist than Morris the actually Protagonist of the story. Also, protagonists sometimes do not follow the set traits that readers have

  • The Quiet Man Protagonist

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    In "The Quiet Man" the main relationship between any of the characters is between the protagonist and antagonist. The protagonist, Shawn Kelvin, is first introduced in the exposition of the plot, and described as "A quiet man, under middle size, with strong shoulders and deep-set blue eyes below brows darker than his dark hair." Shawn is also seen as a mysterious person as the others characters couldn't decide why, "One shoulder had a trick of hunching slightly higher than the other." the antagonist

  • The Protagonist In 'Every Last Promise'

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    The protagonist or main characters in the story Every Last Promise are Kayla and Noah. Therefore leading to antagonist characters. The antagonist characters are Jen, Kayla and Bean. From time to time Bean is neutral. They are Kayla’s ex-best friends. However there are other characters in the story. Other characters are Caleb, Jay and Steven. Caleb being Kayla’s brother and Jay and Steven who are the two boys Kayla got into a car accident with. This story’s setting is in Missouri and Kansas. The

  • The Protagonists In Ellen Foster And A Separate Peace

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    In the books Ellen Foster and A Separate Peace the protagonists both go through turmoil and develop who they are as individuals. The narrator, Ellen, from Ellen Foster shows herself as a strong individual that has some baggage that she doesn't let stop her from achieving her ultimate goal, happiness. In A Separate Peace, the protagonist, Gene, was jealous of his friend and did something regrettable that changes Gene’s life and his friend’s forever. How these characters interact with others in the

  • Examples Of A Protagonist

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    Protagonists such Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise, Mulan from her self-titled film, and The Bride from Kill Bill are all prime examples of strong leading female characters. These women have struck down gender stereotypes and took it upon themselves to defeat their films antagonist. A modern example of these women can be found in Marvel Comic’s Black Widow; however, in the recent film Avengers: Age of Ultron, the characterization of Black Widow made her a more stereotypical emotional woman rather

  • Creon Is The Protagonist In Antigone

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    wonder who the protagonist of this play is. Is it Creon or is it Antigone? To answer this question, one must define what a protagonist is. By definition, a protagonist is a leading actor or a character. Creon fits this description because not only do his actions lead into the whole tragedy, but his character shows a great development and the values he teaches to the readers. When all these characteristics of Creon are put together one could undoubtedly say that Creon is the protagonist in this play

  • The Protagonist In Despicable Me

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    and movie there is a protagonist and an antagonist. Without these two characters doing their part, there would be no conflict and fun in the movie or story. In the movie Despicable Me the protagonist would be Gru, the antagonist would be Vector. In a book like Harry Potter the protagonist would be Harry and the antagonist would be Voldemort. There are many other books and movies that include a protagonist and an antagonist. In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor, the protagonist is Paul. Paul is caring

  • Examples Of Protagonist Personality

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    According to the lengthy personality test that I took, I am classified as having a protagonist personality. I was very intrigued to find out that only two percent of the world's population had the same personality type as me. Eventually, when we got to sharing our results as a class, about a quarter of them were protagonists as well. That special little feeling that I had due to being in the “two percent” instantly diminished. I’ve always been very skeptical about personality tests, horoscopes, etc

  • Who Is The Protagonist In Frankenstein

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    It is quite difficult to identify with the protagonist in Frankenstein because he comes across as quite cowardly and irresponsible, these are common traits one would not want to associate themselves with. It could be argued that Victor changes from an innocent young adult, curious about the ways of science into a guilt ridden man, constantly cautious about horrific creation. In terms of the main parts of the book, Victor has no apparent positive change but can still be considered a round character

  • Protagonist In Everyday Use

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    Character Analysis of the Protagonist in “Everyday Use” Like an onion, the protagonist (mom) in Alice Walker’s short story “Everyday Use” has many layers to her character. As a single parent the mom has to solely provide the necessities of life for her kids, being the only emotional support and dealing with daughters whom are both needing their mother’s wisdom. Her daughter Dee/Wangero, an exceptionally beautiful young woman blessed with “her feet …always neat-looking, as if God himself had shaped

  • Who Is The Protagonist In The Crucible

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    Abigail—the leader of the group of girls—and Tituba confessed to consorting with the devil, the sparks were replaced by an uproar of blame. Although a man by the name of John Proctor, a farmer, does not appear in the middle of the Act One, he is the protagonist as it is his story of failure, guilt, and redemption.

  • Who Is Lincoln The Protagonist

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    I believe Lincoln is the protagonist because out of the two characters in the play he’s consider the good guy. Lincoln is the older brother and he’s going through a complication situation with his wife Cookie and end up getting kicked out of the house. In result, he turns to his little brother Booth and live with him. Throughout the play, Lincoln kept on convince Booth to get a job instead of hustling people in the game of 3-Card Monte. From Lincoln’s experience, he knows dealing card isn't going

  • Who Is The Protagonist In The Outsiders

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    The protagonist in the outsiders is Ponyboy. During the book, you can see his point of view. He is also the narrator and his eyes show what unfolds. The Antagonist in the story is the Socs. The 1960’s is when The Outsiders take place. in Oklahoma. Ponyboy lives with his two brothers named Darry and Sodapop. They lost their parents in a car accident. Ponyboy and his brothers live as greasers and live in the worst side of town. The rivals of the greasers are the Socs who are the rich kids of town

  • Creon Is The Protagonist In Antigone

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    Greek tragedy Antigone, there is a popular debate over who the true protagonist and antagonist of the play is. Antigone is the better choice for the protagonist in the play because her actions are what initially cause the the tragic outcome to occur. Unlike Creon, Antigone obeys the gods and shows respect for her family. Creon, however, can be characterized as the antagonist because of his opposition to Antigone, the protagonist. Antigone’s motives for burying Polyneices are honorable. Proper burials

  • The Protagonists Of Road Movies

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    better in life. Protagonists of many road movies are “individuals at odds with social conventions” (17). These characters are loners that live life on the road, as opposed to the traditional home. Many road movies protagonists can also be couples, the couples can either be connected through romance or friendship. Their trials and tribulations on the road help shape the narrative and their own character development. Countercultural characters are found on the road or are the protagonists. Passengers,

  • The Theme Of Isolation In 'To Build A Fire'

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    Being isolated can affect people in many ways. In "To Build a Fire", the protagonist, a man traveling along the Yukon trail, is isolated in terms of his separation from civilization. Furthermore, in "An Episode of War," the protagonist, a lieutenant, is isolated in a terms of his medical condition. The protagonists' different forms of isolation effect them in differing ways. In "To Build a Fire" the protagonist makes bad decisions because he is far from civilization, and he wants to reach it. For

  • Learning To Drive By Rindo Summary

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    it seemed the protagonist had accepted his fate by trying to move on and perform a simple task but then came along the anger and frustration, well his wife tries to be there for him but finds to be quite difficult. In the end, it is revealed to the protagonist 's cancer has returned quickly slipping his into depression leaving only his wife to save him. The wife 's reaction and the protagonists varied greatly. Ron Rindo, the author, uses irony and symbolism to contrast the protagonist 's reaction

  • Strength In Ernest Hemingway's To Build A Fire

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    In the story “To Build a Fire” the protagonist fails to recognize nature strength, almost in a disrespectful manner while traveling in the harsh Yukon environment. The down fall for him not listening and underestimating nature itself led him to his death. In this story you could find irony because he was also warned by a wise old man not travel alone in extreme conditions. The protagonist failed to listen to the old man that was his first mistake. The protagonist got lucky a couple times among his

  • Shutter Island Characterization

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    "Sanity is not a choice. You can 't just decide to get better." Many different forms of gothic literature contain protagonist 's who are fighting an internal battle. For example, in "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Peyton Fahrquhar refuses to accept his fate, creating a fantasy in which he escapes, only to die as his fantasy reunites him with his loved ones. The narrator of "The Yellow Wallpaper" mentally turns into one of "those creeping women" she sees out her window. Whilst Andrew Laeddis

  • Irony In The Maze Runner

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    The Maze Runner 1. The maze runner is a story of a group of boys and with the main characters being Thomas, Newt, Alby, Teresa, and Minho. One day Thomas wakes up in an elevator and finds himself with no memory but his name as the elevator stops he finds that he is been sent to a place called the glade. As he gets out of the elevator he sees a group of boys, they called themselves Glader’s. He meets two boys that showed him around the glade, there name are Newt and Alby. The glade located in middle