Who Is The Protagonist In The Crucible

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“The Crucible” is a play written by Arthur Miller, a playwright, and is about one of the many events that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692 at the height of the belief in witchcraft, the Devil, and his followers. In turn, when a group of girls are caught dancing around a fire with a slave from Barbados and a girl, Betty—the daughter of Reverend Parris—falls into a mysterious, coma-like state, the citizens of the town spark rumors of witchcraft and necromancy. Later, when Abigail—the leader of the group of girls—and Tituba confessed to consorting with the devil, the sparks were replaced by an uproar of blame. Although a man by the name of John Proctor, a farmer, does not appear in the middle of the Act One, he is the protagonist as it is his story of failure, guilt, and redemption.…show more content…
Both characters were developed by…show more content…
As a result, many are hung, as they would not confess to consorting with the devil and performing witchcraft. Abigail even goes as far as stabbing herself with a needle to support her claim that “[Proctor’s] wife’s familiar spirit pushed it in” (Miller 74) in the second act. In addition, when Proctor, in defense of his wife, attempts to reveal the truth behind Abigail’s accusation, she manages to bend what she had done onto Proctor, which convinces the judge—Danforth—to convict him. At the end while Proctor is executed, Abigail manages to leave the town with her uncle’s money, showing that she successfully defeated the protagonist by exploiting weaknesses and channeling her
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