Character Analysis: Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Disagreements brought among two can greatly cause an uncertain effect on those surrounded by them, as well as each other. Innocent minded children are targeted to be easily influenced. That is until that child starts becoming experienced and learns to lead his own path perpetually discovering his autonomy. Gabriel and Maria, a dissimilar couple introduced from Rudolfo Anaya’s “Bless Me, Ultima”, presents a conflicting environment on those having to deal with their differing ideal beliefs. Maria, a Luna, daughter of a farmer, peaceful and quiet like the moon. Gabriel, a vaquero, who exposes the love of the llano, expresses his way of life and freedom. Their kids, three eldest sons, two daughters, and youngest son Antonio, the protagonist, become …show more content…

The Marez family relocated to the town of Guadalupe from the llano. Maria nags about living a hard life on the llano stating that they were “hard years” as Gabriel counters that “those were the good years” Pg.3. The llano. Gabriel’s true home, where he can proudly roam free with his people. Where Maria feels out of place, and never accepting its people. The move, being Maria’s idea, this will unleash better opportunities for the kids. With just the thought of leaving Ultima in the llano during her old age made Maria shudder. Ultima eventually stays in the Marez residence bringing a sense …show more content…

The first dream Anaya presented is the dream of Antonio’s birth. The dream that is the beginning of the internal conflict that is aimed to Antonio. In his dream an argument breaks out on the concern of which life style will Antonio follow. The Luna’s crave for Antonio to become a priest while the Marez‘s would love for him to become a Vaquero. Just then, Ultima claims only she will know Antonio’s destiny and the dream terminates. The morning of his first day of school, Maria reminds him that he is a Luna and his father adds that he is also a Marez. With everything going on, Antonio is fortunate enough to have Ultima. Ultima guides Antonio and allows him to be exposed to different aspects of life. When Antonio’s uncle became ill, the priest, and the best doctor in town has failed to cure him. To his astonishment, Ultima has cured him with

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