Rite Of Passage In Bless Me Ultima

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Growing up is a journey and overcoming society’s principles and beliefs are a part of it. These actions mark a rite of passage for some people leaving them to explore their own culture and views. The journey of growing up is like climbing a mountain, it 's not about what is at top, it 's about how the top is reached, the climb. People can either chose their journey or let others chose is for them. For example, parents enrolling their son into a war, such as World War II, without hearing his feelings towards everything. World War II was the largest armed conflict in history. Germany, under the command of Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland and tried taking over other parts of Europe. While that was happening Japan tried taking over China. Many…show more content…
In the novel, “Bless Me Ultima”, written by Rudolfo Anaya, Antonio lives in New Mexico with his family and Ultima, where he tries to chose his journey in life while being influenced by many different cultures and…show more content…
Throughout “Bless Me Ultima ”, Antonio undergoes many internal conflicts that make him less innocent and less trusting towards others. The novel first starts off with the conflicting cultures of his parents, the Luna and Marez, the Luna is his mother’s side and the Marez is his father’s. The Luna are devout farmers who worship the earth and the moon, hence the name “Luna”. While the Marez are cowboys who 's just spend their days on their horses back and are devoted to the sun. All of Antonio 's brothers are already cowboys and committed to the Marez side of the family so Antonio is expected to join the Luna side and become a priest. Antonio does not not want make a decision between the two and feels pressure to pick one over the other. Eventually he learns that the two cultures can live in unison and he does not have to pick one path to follow, he can make his own path. Another internal struggle conveyed throughout the story is which religion to believe in; paganism or catholicism. Antonio always had his mind set on his one destiny of becoming a priest but this belief system is second guessed when he helps Ultima cure his uncle Lucas from a deathly sickness when the priest couldn 't. Many times in the novel, supernatural or paganistic objects help more than the God above. For example, when Narciso dies, God does not help him live, he let 's the evil Tenorio live instead. Antonio, confused with what religion to pick turns to paganism and the natural belief system.

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