What Are Antonio's Dreams In Bless Me Ultima

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Albert D. Saba
Mr. Amoroso
English 12 AP
Period: 3
Topic: 2
The Classic by
Rudolfo Anaya

Saba Page 1.

The powerful force of a Latino family begins with the basis of the strength in a man. In the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, Antonio Márez a six-year-old begins to wonder if his destiny lies in being a vaquero or a priest. Inside Antonio, he has the blood of two different customs streaming through his veins. Is there an outlet to which can help you view your own life or guide you through it? Antonio has several dreams throughout the novel, which portray many of his fears and perceptions of his family and religion. These images control and haunt Antonio.

Through the first sequence of Antonio’s dreams he recollects the scenery of his own birth. “This one will be a Luna, the old man said, he will be a farmer and keep our customs and traditions. Perhaps God will bless our family and make the baby a priest” (Pg.5). …show more content…

Antonio begged God to forgive Andrew (Antonio’s brother) “Your brother has sinned with the whores, and so I condemn him to hell for eternity!”(Pg.173). Antonio’s demeanor portrayed confusion and fear of why he is the chosen one to save his brothers when he is hopeful for their saving of him. “Oh, I cried, forgive me Lord! I have sinned, I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word, and deed. My thoughts have trapped me and made me flee from you!”(Pg.173). Antonio believes he has sinned as he questions God for punishing his brothers who in his eyes are great men of intentions as they’ve been through the war. His begging then represents his fear towards God showing that even questioning him may attract consequences. He becomes petrified that he would be punished and eventually fail his family because he wouldn’t fit the criteria being a coming selfish

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