Traits Of Brutus In Julius Caesar

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Brutus, According to Shakespeare The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a Shakespearean play and representation of the assassination of Caesar, is a well written and developed story in which the build up of the characters is very well done. As a matter of fact, the developing of Brutus, the tragic hero on the play, is one of the most important characters and therefore one of the better explained and exposed. Brutus is a character that is marked with three traits that allow him to be the one responsible for Caesar's assassination. Indeed, Brutus is naive, well-intended and hypocrite, as seen when the conspirators convince him to be part of it, and be one of the most important figures in it. In this order of ideas, Brutus’ traits can be analyzed and …show more content…

In fact, this trait can be seen several times throughout the play, however the most clear one is, again, when he receives the letter left on his window by Lucius which said what follows: “Brutus, you’re sleeping. Wake up and look at yourself. Is Rome going to … etc. Speak, strike, fix the wrongs! Brutus, you’re sleeping. Wake up. I’ve noticed many such calls to action left where I would find them. Is Rome going to ... etc.”(II, i, 46-49) to what he responds accurately expressing this trait, ““Is this asking me to speak and strike? Oh, Rome, I promise you, if you’re meant to receive justice, you’ll receive it by my hand!” (II, i, 53-55) which allows to say that he wants Rome to be just and do whatever it takes to maintain it away from any threat. Indeed, Brutus states this very clearly when he says, “If it’s for the good of all Romans, I’d do it even if it meant my death. Let the gods give me good luck only as long as I love honor more than I fear death.” (I, ii, 86-88), he explicitly says that the good of the majority is over any feeling or personal benefit which in this case is the love of Caesar for him and viceversa, and the throne. To conclude, Brutus is a complex character that is characterized by three recurrent traits: his well-intention, his hypocrisy, and his naivet. It is clear

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