Should Brutus Join The Conspiracy Essay

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Persuasive Essay Should Brutus join the conspiracy against Caesar? Some may want Brutus to dodge the conspiracy. While others prefer Brutus to join the scheme against Caesar. Brutus has the done the right thing, by choosing to join the conspiracy, and claims he carries reasonable judgements all throughout act I and act II, for joining the conspiracy. Brutus understands that he needs to do this for the people of Rome, he needs to do it to prevent tyranny, and he realizes that evil can come from a good person. Brutus believes that Caesar will do more harm than good to the people, and reap benefits for himself. Brutus has already said this, but had said it in his own words, (II, i, 12-14). He has no clue if Caesar will use his power for the good and betterment for the people, or use it for his own needs and other …show more content…

People complain that Brutus is just as bad as Caesar, yet Brutus does it for justice of the people. While others explain that the Roman empire will fall due to Brutus’s actions, others will say that he has a high respect of the citizens, and the citizens would know he did the deed for the better good. While some may bicker about Brutus making predictions about the future, he is simply trying to prevent tyranny to get ahold of Rome and the empire. Brutus is the perfect example of anyone in the world, who wants to do the better good for everyone. Should Brutus join the conspiracy against Caesar? Some will say yes, and others will say no. Brutus has trusted his instincts and chose to side with the conspiracy. All of his reasons are all valid, for he wants to prevent tyranny. Secondly, he wants to do it with pride and for the civilians of Rome as he places himself lower than the lowest tier class out of respect. Lastly, he predicts the future to be horrid with Caesar as king, taking power for

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