Julius Caesar Essay: Brutus As A Traitor

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“It's hard to tell who has your back, from who has it long enough just to stab you in it...” ― Nicole Richie. In the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Brutus is a traitor because of his lack of integrity and loyalty to his country and dear friend. One’s integrity represents their true character, and disloyalty shows lack of trust and allegiance. Brutus was a traitor to his country because of his display of treason. However, Brutus may have done what was best for Rome, to improve and reestablish his beloved country. Similarly, people may claim that Brutus was, in fact doing what was best for his country, and that murdering Caesar was not a betrayal. He seems to feel that Caesar would not be an asset to Rome and Brutus wants to really improve the country. However, Brutus continually feels the need to defend his actions and justify his crime. If he is truly confident in his deed, he would not stammer to find justifications. Yet, Brutus may not want power, he may really want justice. In his mind, murdering Caesar, was the only route to go. Brutus has a vision, and he intends it to work out in every way he plans. In a sense he achieves what he wants, and killing Caesar may have been crucial to his short-lived success. …show more content…

One’s integrity represents their true character, and treason shows lack of trust and allegiance. Brutus turns to an entirely different person than he used to be, after he murders Caesar. Clearly, he lacks core values as a respected man. In Act 4, Scene 3, Brutus defends his actions and attempts to justify his sin: “Did not great Julius bleed for justice' sake?” Although Brutus was good friends with Caesar, he seems to disregard all of it. He knows he is under scrutiny and is willing to forgo his entire past because of his misdeed. This displays his lack of true feeling and friendship, as well as obvious

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