To What Extent Is Brutus A Betrayer Or Patriot

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is Brutus a betrayer or patriot? this question has been debated for so long but with all the information I have been presented I believe that Brutus is a patriot. Brutus kill Caesar because he wanted to to stand up and save Rome and her people. At the battle Philippi after believing that he had done all he could for Rome Brutus then decides to kill himself.this is after he tried his best and and after he could fight no more he gave his life for Rome. While one may disagree with my opinion because he did deceive some of the fellow leaders of Rome and did kill Caesar but Brutus only did this for Rome 's sake. he killed Caesar because Caesar was going to lead rome in the wrong direction. he lied to his fellow leaders of Rome because it was the only way he knew how to make is home Rome the greatest city. as stated …show more content…

But even with the information I have stated above there those that believe Brutus is a betrayer.I believe this to be for three reasons alone. number one right after Caesar was killed both Brutus and Anthony gave a speech after caesars death. after listening to the speeches I would also believe Brutus to be a betrayer and Anthony a patriot instead. this because brutus ' speech seem fake and short as if he was glad Caesar was dead while Anthony gave a more realistic and most heartfelt speech that did not just focus on Caesar but the man who killed Caesar, Brutus. I would also consider Brutus a traitor when he lied to his fellow citizens. he lied to them in order to kill Caesar butt from seeing this part one might believe Brutus is a traitor. this is due to the fact that even though he was on this side of Rome and her people, Brutus left them out thus betraying his own people and leaving him a betrayer. finally one might suspect brutus to be a traitor killing the Emperor. surely killing one 's King means they 're a betrayer right? Brutus is then betrayer at the very least for Killing Caesar. but even after all of this Brutus still did it all to

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