Theme Of Tyranny In Julius Caesar

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The fear that the conspirator had against tyranny was so commanding that it pushed them to murder their emperor. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar was an emperor of Rome, a renowned military leader, and a beloved friend to all of his subjects. Cassius created a conspiracy that feared tyranny and what Caesar would become if he gained more power. Cassius corrupted Brutus, who was a long-time friend of Caesar 's, to betray him and join the conspiracy. Caesar is brought to the senate where he eventually is stabbed by the conspirators, his friends, his allies, and the people he trusted. The conspirators didn’t think of the reproductions of their actions and they have now started a war. They lose the battle against Mark Antony, some conspirators commit suicide, and some are executed. Shakespeare wanted us to develop sympathy for Julius Caesar through the betrayal of his friends, his overthrow of power, and the ultimate death of his once friends. Brutus was a lifetime friend of Caesar 's that was deceived by a man that feared tyranny to betray Caesars trust and become an accomplice to his murder. “Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more.” (III, II, 21-22). Brutus loved Rome more than Caesar and he …show more content…

The conspirators loved Caesar but they loved Rome more and feared what he would become if given the power. They wanted an emperor not a king, a friend not a tyrant. “Liberty, freedom! Tyranny is dead!” (III, I, 86). This is the conspirators expressing their joy of being free from tyranny, this is how they showed their most important values. “People and senators, be not affrighted. Fly not. Stand still. Ambition 's debt is paid.” (III, I, 90-91). This is Brutus trying to comfort the people and get them to listen to what they had to say about murdering him. The conspirators feared tyranny and they were willing to do anything to be free of it. But, they wouldn’t know how the people would react so they were giving them a reason to a

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