Brutus: A Villain In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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Keep Power or Kill If you believed that the only way to save your state was to kill one of your friends, would you? The character Brutus killed one of his friends in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar(JC) by William Shakespeare. Some people believe that he is a villain and only killed Caesar to keep his own power in the government. However many people think that he killed Julius Caesar to help prevent Rome from becoming dictatorship. One example of why Brutus is not a villain is because he shows compassion towards others. This is portrayed when he spares Mark Antony after Caesar’s death even though the other conspirators wanted him to be killed right along side of Caesar. Another time Brutus showed compassion was when he aloud Mark Antony to speak at Caesar’s …show more content…

I killed not thee with half so good a will (5.5.50-51) When he says this he is stating that he killed himself with motives twice as pure of that which caused him to kill Caesar so therefore Caesar should consider himself avenged. One example of how some people think Brutus is a villain is they think he killed Julius Caesar just for his power. The power to rule Rome. When Brutus was talking to the conspirators Brutus was going back and forth think if he should help the conspirators kill Julius Caesar. He was going back and forth because he was thinking of the power he could have and could rule Rome. The reason behind Brutus killing Caesar was for the better of Rome. If Brutus would not have killed Caesar, Rome would have turned into a dictatorship, and in turn it would have ruined Rome and all of its people. Brutus did not kill Julius just for the power to rule Rome, he killed Julius to save Rome from Caesar’s dictatorship. In conclusion, Brutus is not a villain. His conscience tells him that what he did was wrong and something had to be done about it, which ends in him killing himself. He shows lots of compassion throughout The Tragedy of Julius Caesar(JC) by William

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