Julius Caesar Hero Quotes

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Many people debate who the tragic hero is in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Is it Brutus or is it Julius? There are certain attributes that make a person a hero. What are they though is the question. Is it there bravery, leadership skills, or their "perfect" qualities? Some people picture these as the main reasons why someone is a hero, but have you ever thought of their flaws? Yes, it maybe only one flaw, but this one flaw can be devastating. I think that Brutus is the tragic hero in Julius Caesar because he was loyal and noble, but his one flaw caused him to do bad things. "I would not, Cassius, but I love him well." (Brutus, 1.2.75-89) This quote shows that even though Brutus "loves" Caesar he is afraid that his friend will be crowned …show more content…

If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more." (3.2.19-24) After Brutus killed Caesar, he started to defend his actions. Brutus wanted to be loyal Rome but sees that he should have been loyal to his friend. Part of Brutus' flaw is patriotism, and there is a VERY important question we can ask ourselves. Does his sense of patriotism really justify killing a friend and a major political leader? You may notice that Brutus isn't very sympathetic as he is defending what he did. The dramatic character has a flaw. That flaw maybe one single word, but there can be many parts to that word. For Brutus there are many parts of his flaw that make him the dramatic character. He may have defended what he did to Caesar, but he wasn't sympathetic about it. Brutus chose his loyalty to his country over his best friend and maybe what was right. Some people say that Brutus was even naive about what he did. There can be other parts of his flaw that make Brutus the dramatic character, besides what he did and who he is

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