How Did Julius Caesar Join The Conspiracy

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The Conspiracy Julius Caesar is one of the best remembered plays in history. The play tells the tale of Marcus Brutus, a noble and key character in the play Julius Caesar. There were multiple reasons behind the decisions Brutus made. Caius Cassius was the mastermind leader behind the conspiracy that Brutus unfortunately joined. However, Brutus did have some noble reasons to join. Eventually, the master manipulator Cassus tricked Brutus into joining the conspiracy, which led to Brutus’s death. Brutus was the noblest of all the conspirators, however the conspiracy lead to his fatal end. Brutus was pressured by a conspiracy made up with some of the most high powered citizens. These men were all of great nobility and were grouped together because they in general hated Caesar. They knew though that if they were going to kill Caesar they needed someone close to Caesar, to make their murder seem valid. This was where the poor simple minded Brutus came into play. He did not hate Caesar instead he loved him. This pressure from his peers conflicted Brutus …show more content…

He used weak people to help succeed in killing Caesar. This may make Cassius the smartest one of them all. Brutus decided to join the conspiracy in the end, against his own best friend! The fact that Cassius was able to get a man to turn on his own best friend proves how smart and cunning Cassius really was. Brutus’s ignorance let himself fall into the traps Cassius set out for him, “Good Cinna, take this paper,/ And look you lay it in the praetor’s chair / Where Brutus may but find it. And throw this / In at his window. / Set this up with wax / Upon old Brutus' statue.” (1.3.144-148). This plan was one of the smartest by Cassius, because he knew the noble Brutus was dumb enough to fall for it, and the fact that Brutus would do anything for his country if the citizens of Rome demanded it. Even though Brutus was pressured, ultimately it was his decision to

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