Bless Me Ultima Thesis

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Lead In: A child will usually grow up hidden away from adult problems, and then learn the way of the world as he or she get older. However, in the novel Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, Antonio Marez, a child who has grown up with the weight of the world on his shoulders, while striving to fulfil his parents’ expectations and also struggling with the loss of many people around him, has learned to mature faster to deal with the problems he has endured in a short life time. For Antonio, his development begins not with his birth or with his first days of school, but with the arrival of Ultima, the curandera who moves in with his family because of old age. It is with Ultima’s arrival that Antonio is first exposed to the magic of the world and …show more content…

B. Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence: The good and evil in the novel is displayed through Ultima and Tenorio. Ultima is the neutralizer for the llano. She protects everyone from witches and their curses. Tenorio however, with the help of his evil daughters who also have a liking for cruelty and evil, help Tenorio with his evil doings.
Topic Discussion: Throughout the novel, Antonio discovers the line between good and evil and how hard it is to distinguish. Ultima has always been named both a healer and a teacher, although there were some instances involving evil. Tenorio has and will be considered evil throughout the entire novel.
Examples: For example, Ultima kills Tenorios two daughters and to avenge their death, Tenorio tries to kill Ultima. He kills the owl, therefore taking Ultima with it. However he does not really succeed because Ultima accomplishes everything she was supposed to do and dies a peaceful death. Thus proving that good conquers all.
Closing statement: At the end of the novel, Rudolfo Anaya describes that the goodness of a person is based solely on their actions. Although Ultima has done bad, the amount of good she has done in her lifetime overpowers that, unlike Tenorio who only possesses bad. It has been made clear that distinguishing the line between good and evil is not a clean cut. This promotes Antonio’s growth and maturity, and is one of Antonio’s most valuable lesson in

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