Analysis Of Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, journeys through the life of a young child. Throughout the story, Anotio faces many challenges, and the reader is given insight into Antonio’s thoughts. At the beginning of the book, Ultima comes to live with Tony and his family. The mysteries of the magical Earth are brought to Tony by Ultima, and she teaches Tony the ways of Las Curanderas. Ultima becomes one of Tony’s best friends and their friendship helps to build Tony’s soul. Tony’s father is a Márez, and longs to ride freely with the other vaqueros in the Llano. However, Tony’s mother is a Luna, and desires Tony to be a man of learning and become a Luna priest and farmer. While Tony’s mother is very religious, Tony’s father often makes fun of the priests. Every evening, after …show more content…

The children learn many facts about the workings of the church, and receive their first communion. When Tony receives God into his mouth he expects to receive answers to his questions. However, he is disappointed when he doesn’t receive the desired answers. After Tony’s first year of school, Tony accelerates to the third grade. On the last day of school, Tony learns about The Golden Carp, and how there are more religions than Catholicism. Tony has five siblings, but his three brothers are fighting in the war and are away. When the brothers finally return, the family is reunited. Unfortunately, not for an extended period of time. Eugene and León soon leave again, and Andrew eventually follows after them. Throughout the story, Tony prays for the act of contrition for three people who pass away. These people are Lupito, Narciso, and Florence.The first person Tony saw die was Lupito, and Tony wonders if that was when he lost his innocence. The second to die was Narciso, who Tenorio shot. At Narciso’s death, Tony prays the act of contrition, praying for his acceptance into heaven. Tony prays a third acto of contrition for

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