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Thesis: Antonio Marez should become a priest for the family but in doing so should break the traditional Catholicism tradition barriers and be able to incorporate his own life experiences.

I.Rudolfo Anaya 's novel takes place in New Mexico in a small village called El Puerto. These details are true to Anaya 's life because the main protagonist is Antonio Marez, and he is modeled similarly to his life experiences. The mother comes from a family of farmers and the father comes from a family of vaqueros creating a conflict between the two and their children especially Antonio who is still in search of his own beliefs and identity.

A.New Mexico or any Hispanic country has its cultural tradition but in this novel Rudolfo portrays multiple. First and foremost the Hispanic-Catholic, Indian-mestizo, Atheism and magic of a shaman . The conflict that occurs internally with Antonio is the search …show more content…

A.Primarily with Ultima the shaman she shows Antonio that there is more to believe in or Samuel where as he did not believe in anything and was an Atheist. If a God any God why not a golden carp because that is what Cisco believes in as well as the Indian myths. These diverse cultural traditions caused Antonio to question himself but as well allowed him to explore, understand and have an open mind.

III.Antonio Marez should proceed to become a priest to please his parents expectations but accept and involve the outside forces that are affecting his beliefs. These life scenarios will guide Antonio to be an open minded priest.

A."if anyone is going to fit into their dreams it 's going have to be you, Tony." (Anaya 74).

i.Antonio wants to please his parents like any other considerate child and because the brothers could not due so there is an obligation for Antonio fulfill the parents dreams. Yet, in this process Antonio is losing sight of what he believes or has

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