Bless Me Ultima Fog Analysis

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For people who struggle with sight, glasses are a general source of clarity. But, the second the glasses are removed life becomes an intimidating blur. However, the moment the thick layered comfort is removed and something new is brought into life, the fog clears. Much like the haze that follows the removal of glasses is the haze that dwells in the mind of an adolescent. Transitioning between childhood and adulthood is a mesh of fog and disconnection from comfort that will eventually clear with growth and maturity. This correlates to the life of Antonio Marez, a young boy finding his way through the stages of childhood and adulthood in the novel Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya. Throughout the story, Antonio struggled to comply with the lifestyle his family chose for him which caused the haze in his mind to expand. At first, it was unclear what life he would choose, but once outside influences came into play, Antonio began to question the ideals he once believed in. In addition to his frequent questioning, life-altering events that Antonio experienced caused the fog to dissipate. Luckily the pressure, questioning and experiences Antonio faced pushed him into a state of maturity that allowed him to break from his old ways and choose his own path in life. Antonio's family had conflicting …show more content…

The pressures he faced from his family were no longer relevant to the ideas of a future that he had conjured up for himself. Having questioned ideals that seemed imperative he was able to uncover his true feelings toward the subject of independent thinking. And after the life changing events that took place, Tony no longer relied on others and came into his own. Considering the timeline of Antonio’s adolescence it is clear he grew to a point of maturity and independence that allowed him to prepare in choosing his own path in

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