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Anthony Sowell, also known as the “Cleveland Stranger”, is an identified American serial killer. Anthony was suspected in the murders of eleven women and arrested in 2009, and later charged with eighty five counts of murder, rape, and kidnapping. Anthony plead not guilty, with reason of insanity, but later change it to not guilty. In July 2011 he was convicted on all, but two counts. A month later Anthony was sentenced to death. What would cause a well decorated US Marine to commit such gruesome, brutal and violent murders? Experts may say different, but I believe he falls within the criminology conflict theory, a theory that focuses on society’s system of social stratification.
Anthony grew up in East Cleveland raised by his mother and maternal grandmother along with seven half siblings and seven cousins. According to interviews Anthony had no contact with his father. Not only did Anthony lack a father figure, but according to investigation he witnessed child abuse amongst his siblings and cousins. Escaping his troubled childhood Anthony …show more content…

He turned to alcohol and drugs for comfort. According to documentation he became very aggressive and angry while using drugs and alcohol. In 1989 Anthony was charged and later convicted of attempted rape. Anthony served a 15 year prison sentence before being released in 2005. Anthony’s reformation in prison did not change the person he became to be. In 2007 Anthony lost his job and ended a nearly three year relationship with Lori Frazier, a formal girlfriend. Reports say he turned to crack cocaine. By the time 2009 rolled around eleven women were reported missing. On September 22, 2009 one of Anthony’s surviving victims reported he rapped and attempted to murder her. October 29, 2009 police went to his house to make the arrest for the September reported raped and what the found were eleven decomposed bodies. October 31, 2009 Anthony was taken into

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