Serial killer Essays

  • The Serial Killer

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    The term “serial killer” strikes fear and curiosity into the minds of people; therefore, scientist and medical researchers should look more in depth into the psychology and illnesses of a serial killer rather than their actions alone. A serial killer is an individual who murders three or more people over a period of time typically to fulfill a motive. These motives typically come from past experiences that caused some sort of trauma. Since 1980 there has been an estimated amount of one hundred fifty

  • The Serial Killer: The Zodiac Killer

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    Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a serial killer on the loose? The Zodiac is a serial killer that terrorized all of California, and he claimed to have taken the lives of many innocent civilians through the letters he sent. While his identity remains unsolved to this day, investigators have many theories as to who it might have been. Although plenty of people believe the identity of the Zodiac Killer is Arthur Leigh Allen, others are convinced it is a few lesser-known suspects

  • The Serial Killer: The Zodiac Killer

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    The Zodiac Killer is the most notorious serial killer in the world. He was running rapid in northern California in the late 1960 's to the early 1970 's. To this day the Zodiac Killer’s identity is unknown. The Zodiac Killer can be connected to at least 5 murders, but he may have committed more. He killed couples in isolated places. He mocked the police and sent threats through letters and ciphers. He sent them to the newspapers in the area. He started this in 1969 and he ended in 1974. His first

  • Female Serial Killers

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    be cautious of serial killers because they are terrified by the thought that they might become the next victim; although, very few murders each year are actually committed by a serial killer. Statistics have shown that one would be more likely to be murdered by a family member than a serial killer. Throughout history, the term “serial killer” has struck fear into the minds of people everywhere; however, people remain fascinated with this topic. When people think about a serial killer, generally the

  • Serial Killer Essay

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    Serial murder is a disturbing and mysterious occurrence within criminology. The shocking brutality of crimes and lack of motives arouse anxiety and questioning. Serial killers display a peculiar array of behaviour, often appearing as seemingly normal individuals even with banal existences, they are capable of challenging the most expert investigative teams. There have been many social and psychological explanations that describe the behaviour of serial killers and their psychological wellbeing. Investigating

  • Serial Killer Superstition

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    Have you ever wondered what would posses someone to want to kill? A serial killer is one who kills three or more people for their own abnormal sadistic purposes. Studies show that that the killer’s childhood affect how they perform in adult society. Along with childhood upbringing, two other factors are sexual confusion/frustration, and their motivation to kill. Most of the time a serial killer has experience an event or a series of events which were traumatizing. Harsh punishment is a main contributing

  • Serial Killer Psychology

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    Introduction Serial killers have been terrorizing communities and populations since the 1900s. Serial killers are often seen as ordinary citizens, such as the first known serial killer H.H. Holmes, who was a graduate of University of Michigan’s medical program (“H.H. Holmes”). While other serial killers, such as Ed Gein Circa, displayed extreme antisocial behaviors (Frese). But what qualities do serial killers posses that qualify them as mentally insane, and how do they contribute to the placement

  • Serial Killers Psychology

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    Serial killers have been a sociological study for years upon years, trying to find out the psychological and biological aspects behind their outrageous, murderous behavior. When looking into serial killers, the question often occurs as to why these people perform numerous killings of people that they do not know. There is a psychological, biological, and sociological explanation behind it all. In these social studies, scientists break serial killers into multiple categories: they are defined as psychopathic

  • Serial Killer Characteristics

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    Serial Killers in America What defines a serial killer? A serial killer is a person who murders two or more people alone, over a period of one month. They usually have a cooling period between each murder, in order to perfect the next one. Serial Killers are people who “are… driven by instinct and a desire to kill” (Nature Vs. Nurture- The un-answered question), which usually lead serial killers to murder strangers. Grover Goodwin conducted a study that shows 90 % of the victims of serial killers

  • The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

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    in messed up ways. Many times, these people are serial killers. The FBI defines a serial killer as “someone who kills two or more victims in separate events.” Serial killers are complicated people, and there are many characteristics, motives, and examples of serial killers throughout America’s history. Although all serial killers are unique in their own way, they typically share similar characteristics. Many people tend to think of serial killers as someone who avoids people and is awkward or strange

  • Psychopathy In Serial Killers

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    manifestation of serial killers. In no way is it a common occurrence of psychopathy to become a murderous being, but it is common to see in serial killers that they are suffering from this personality abnormality. The phrase “serial killer” came later on in the century, specifically in 1950, initially used in the

  • Classifying Serial Killers

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    another human being. However, not all serial killers have the same motivation behind their crimes. There are many different categories, and each tend to have different reason for why they choose to take the lives of others. The two main types of serial killers are organized and disorganized. From there, they can be broken down into even more specific categories, however, each category will usually fall under organized or disorganized. Classifying serial killers can be useful for law enforcement because

  • Serial Killer Essay

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    Serial Killers are everywhere throughout history. From Jack the Ripper who targeted prostitutes to the Anthrax Killer who sent letters laced with a very pure form of the disease-causing bacteria. Sometimes Investigation takes many years to catch the killer but in some cases the killers are never caught. These Notorious killers sent shockwaves of panic and fear throughout their communities. To fully understand all of this, we need to understand what a serial killer is. The distinct difference

  • Famous Serial Killers

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    There are some serial killers who never get caught. Turn of the century killer Jack the Ripper is a famous example. Between 1888 and 1891 an unidentified man preyed on impoverished prostitutes in the East End of London; brutally killing them and butchering their bodies. There are dozens of theories about who he might have been but no-one was ever arrested for the murders. The Zodiac was another serial killer who was never apprehended. He terrorized the people of northern California during the late

  • Serial Killer Criteria

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    Criteria: Describe the criteria for a serial killer and what did the person do to qualify as a serial killer? A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people. The murders take place within a certain period of time and takes a break (cooling off period) between murders. The FBI believe it’s two or more murders which are done as separate events, and may be done with a second offender. Being a seriel killer also may have some sort of psychological gratification with the murder committed

  • Comparing Serial Killers

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    In this paper, I will be comparing two similar cases of serial killers, for example, how was their own early life, the method the murder was committed, and their response towards the crime. First of all, these two individuals have a similar type of child abuse in their early years that might have triggered something sooner or later in years. There’s a time difference between these two individual when they committed the crime. Secondly, the method in killing their victims which is by, strangulation

  • The Pros And Cons Of Serial Killers

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    between the murders (Serial Killer, 2012). “A mass murderer kills four or more people at one location during one continuous period of time, whether it is a few minutes or over a period of days” (Montaldo, 2015). “Spree Killers kill two or more victims, but are more than one location” (Montaldo, 2015). “Although their murders occur in separate locations, their spree is considered a single event, because there is no "cooling off" period between the murders” (Montaldo, 2015). “Serial killers murder three or

  • Serial Killers Character Analysis

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    This representation of the serial killer has evolved substantially since its introduction into fiction. Now, they are regarded as three-dimensional characters, with reasons behind their action, instead of monstrous beings whose only plan is to cause havoc for the thrill of it. Studies made to understand serial killers better have also helped us in establishing patterns to build tropes and personalities for fictional serial killers. Their shared many traits have thus been used to create archetypes

  • Two Types Of Serial Killers

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    In my paper, I am going to discuss and talk about the different types of serial killers and what triggers their behaviors. In addition, I will be explaining two types of theories that I believe relate and pertain to serial killers. The first theory I will shed light upon is the biological theory. Scientific research demonstrate and explain that certain biological characteristics increase the probability of an individual engaging in behaviors such as, violence or antisocial actions. These behaviors

  • Becoming A Serial Killer Essay

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    rejection from their parents can later on become a serial killer because all they know of is abuse and neglect and they will only see hate so they would take all their pain out by killing people. As well as traumatic experiences that they face in life. Childhood trauma can cause people to grow up and become a serial killers. Those who was physically abused, Sexually abused or even witnessed sexual abuse have a high rate to be linked to become a serial killer later on in life.Those who have been sexually