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Criteria: Describe the criteria for a serial killer and what did the person do to qualify as a serial killer? A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people. The murders take place within a certain period of time and takes a break (cooling off period) between murders. The FBI believe it’s two or more murders which are done as separate events, and may be done with a second offender. Being a seriel killer also may have some sort of psychological gratification with the murder committed. The number one reason a serial killer murders is for some sexual reason others are motivated by anger, thrill, finanxial gain and because they crave the attention. Murders can be attempted or completed in the same manner. Victims would have either …show more content…

He obviously carried this violent nature into his adulthood on a much larger scale and thought of his actions as acceptable. The fact that Gacy dressed as a clown clearly portrays that he learned these behaviors from a young age because being a clown is a childhood symbol. This reflects directly on what he was doing as an adult because here he had switched roles in a situation involving the molestation of a child. You can easily see the correlation between his childhood experiences and his reversed role adulthood actions. One personality disorder pertaining to Gacy was sociopathic. This is defined as "breaking rules and laws, takes advantage of other people for personal gain, feels little remorse or guilt, appears friendly and charming on the surface, and is often intelligent." John Wayne Gacy was doing all of the above. He lured children and employees into his car, being charming on the surface, and his friendly neighbor said that he was very intelligent and brilliant. Another disorder relating to him is borderline. He had very unstable relationships, starting with his father-son affair. Also, his wife had divorced him and his relationships were short term and very meaningless. He was very impulsive with his actions and was unpredictable with his sexual behaviors, considering he managed to rape 33 people. John Gacy was organized, which shocked many on their psychoanalysis of the crazed killer. This could be evidence to prove he was not insane. Personally, we believe that

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