John Wayne Gacy Childhood

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It all started with the ambition to be like his father and understand how to be like him. John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942. Gacy did not have the best childhood growing up. His father was a drunk and repeatedly beat his siblings and him with a razor strap and was said to have physically assaulted his mother too. Gacy’s sister, Karen, said that they learned to toughen up and not cry during the beatings. When he went to school he kept more to himself over the years due to his heart condition that he was diagnosed with at 16. With his condition he was looked upon by his father as a failure. Time went by and Gacy started to realize that he felt attracted to men. With his new found sexuality and other knowing, he got a lot of encounters for it. Looking at Gacy you would think of him as just your average hard working man. All…show more content…
They had a great life and then after three years of marriage they are drifting apart. She found magazines with naked men and boys in them and he confessed that they were his. Hoff could not take anymore of this so she filed for divorce in 1976. While they were married they had people come over and they would notice this horrible smell coming from somewhere and Gacy would say that is was an animal that died under the horse. Gacy would do nothing about the smell when told. Around 1977 is when Gacy’s “web of secrets “ began to unravel after Robert Piest vanished. Gacy’s mother was picking him up at the Pharmacy where he worked and he told her that he would be a minute because he had to talk to the contractor, but never returned. She called the Des Plaines police and Kozenczak led the investigation. Kozenczak went to Gacy’s home and when he asked Gacy to come to the station he refused saying that someone in his family died and he had to make some call. He came into the station later and gave his statement saying that he knew nothing and was allowed to leave, but Kozenczak had other feelings about
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