Mad Anthony Wayne's Role In The Revolutionary War

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Anthony Wayne, best known as Mad Anthony for his aggressive way of fighting, was a general who leads the American military in 1792. He was a member of the United States House of Representatives. Mad Anthony was an important figure in history because he was a general who lead his militia to the Battle of Fallen Timbers which derived in the removal of Native American claims. Anthony was a hero because he played major roles in the Battles of the American Revolution that resulted in Great Britain losing, becoming the United States of America they defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War. George Washington appointed Wayne as brigadier general because of his passion and aggressive way he dealt with battles.
Anthony Wayne was born in Easttown Township, Pennsylvania in Chester County
,near what is now Paoli, Pennsylvania in early January 1 1745. Anthony Wayne was one of five children, his brothers and sisters were Hannah Van Leer; William Wayne; Anne Hayman and Margaret Penrose Holstein. Later Wayne became a surveyor in 1763. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War in 1775 he had constructed his militia unit by the end of 1776. …show more content…

For example, there was a failure of peace negotiations with the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Many Native Americans there in which Wayne opposed, feeling that war was inevitable, he decisively defeated them. He used the Treaty of Greenville(1795) with the chiefs of the defeated tribes, who ceded lands in the Northwest Territory. He was ruthless in the way he killed innocent Native americans. The fighting took place on the Maumee River, near present-day Toledo. The Native American leaders that were brutally killed were called Chief Little Turtle, Chief Blue Jacket ,and Chief Buckongahelas. Not all American Indians, however they agreed to the treaty and bloodshed continued in the region for the next twenty years as Anglo settlers and American Indians struggled for control of the

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