African Americans In The Late 19th Century

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The late 19th century, a period including Reconstruction, the Industrial Era, and “manifest destiny,” was marked by the freeing of slaves, imperialism, immense economic growth, and the rise of big businesses. (pg. 579, pg. 619, pg. 625, pg. 630) This was an age of “prolonged peace,” where many Americans sought to change their lives and their country for the better. (pg. 579) Industrial growth resulting from the North’s need to “supply the massive Union armies” presented various opportunities to make enormous fortunes. (pg. 619-620) However, this period also involved a considerable amount of violence, ranging from racial and labor conflicts to brutal wars overseas. (pg. 646-654) For instance, racial discrimination and conflict were two of the most serious …show more content…

(pg. 686) As America expanded westward to pursue a “special ‘destiny’ to settle, develop, and dominate the entire continent,” they invaded the territory promised to Native Americans. (pg. 680, pg. 686) Promises made to Indians that they would keep and own their land in the West without worrying about trespassers were consistently broken by “buffalo hunters, miners, ranchers, farmers, railroad surveyors, and horse soldiers.” (pg. 686) Due to these violations, many Indians broke out in violence and clashed against settlers, traders, and soldiers, killing many and instigating an extremely bloody conflict. (pg. 686) An event of brutality was the Sand Creek Massacre, in which whites slaughtered many Indians in “places of safety” such as Fort Lyon even though they raised a white flag to signal surrender. (pg. 686) The Sand Creek Massacre ignited enormous hostility between Indians and Americans, as mutual killing became more frequent. (pg. 687) Indians were forced to relocate, as Americans attempted to “civilize them,” even though many still planned to seek revenge on Indians for killing Americans. (pg.

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