James Bowie Childhood

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Bowie was born in logan county, kentucky 1796, april 10. The bowie family always moved to a small town, farm, or piece of land.they first moved to missouri then in 1802 they moved to louisiana where he spent most of his childhood. James bowie was raised and baptized in a catholic church. At the age of thirteen jims father rezin bowie fought in the american revolution. In the lands they moved to there were no schools. So none of the children went to school, yet they learned how to read, write, and do arithmetic from lessons taught by jim 's mom elve. james loved hunting, fishing, family traditions, riding horses, catching alligators, and trapping bears. During the war of 1812 james joined the second division, consolidated, a unit that contained the seventh through nineteenth regiments, drawn from avoyelles, rapides, natchitoches, catahoula, and ouachita parishes. In january 1815, james was going…show more content…
After the war ended they traded slaves. The slaves were bought from a pirate, jean laffite, The slaves were bought from a pirate, jean laffite, who captured slave shipments in the caribbean and gulf of mexico and ran a slave market on galveston island. In 1827, james bowie participated in a bloody brawl where several men were killed and james bowie was wounded. When james recovered he moved to texas. In the texas revolution james was leading participant at the battle of conception and in the grass fight, which developed a fight between samuel levi wells the 3rd and dr. thomas maddox. When Bowie first entered mexican texas He was recruited in 1819 in New Orleans with benjamin r.
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