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Andrew Jackson was born to modest parents in a small village in the Carolinas after moving from Ireland. At thirteen years old, the British captured Andrew during the American Revolution. While under the control of a British officer, Andrew refused to perform a task directed toward him and he was cut with a sword leaving him with scars and an everlasting hate for the British. As he grew older, Andrew received little education while working on farms and in factories. In 1796, he was elected as a delegate for the Tennessee Constitutional Convention and that same year he became a congressman. He became a U.S. senator in 1797 and was appointed a judge on the Tennessee Supreme Court in 1798 holding a position until 1804. During all of his political…show more content…
However, Jackson and his supporters were not democrats, they believed in economic inequality and social gradation. President Jackson was an aristocrat who had individuals from prosperity and high standing serving him; although, his servants were not born into their wealth. His servants believed that they had risen to their standing because of their own talents and they were going to make it their public goal to ensure that other individuals had the same basic opportunities that they themselves had. Their main purpose of democratization was to defy the control of eastern elites for the sake of the increasing entrepreneurs of the South and West while also aiding the farmers and…show more content…
The Cherokee Indians attempted to always do what the government has asked of them, as they had been trying to do for generations. The Cherokees wore the same style clothing, harvested the same crops, and were literate like the Euro-Americans. Many embraced Christianity and owned slaves. However, the Cherokees became increasingly frustrated with the white settlers because of the many treaties that took away their land. The Cherokees took their concerns to court, and sued the state of Georgia for the land rights. They were granted immunity from the Georgian Government protecting their land. However, many white settlers still invaded their land. In turn, the Cherokees soon realized that no amount of government ruling was going to save the land they had once lived on. As a semi-joint conclusion, the Cherokee Indians were moved to reservations out west. This move, called the Trail of Tears, crushed the Native Americans as well as killing hundreds of them. Even though the Cherokee Indians court rulings did not help them directly, they did help to bring awareness to the fact that Indians need to have rights like the white

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