Andrew Jackson Dbq Essay

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In the year 1828, Andrew Jackson, America’s seventeenth president, was inaugurated into office. President Jackson brought about a significant number of changes that would later beset the nation in grave peril. Throughout his presidency, and after, his followers were known as Jacksonian-Democrats. They believed in a greater democracy for the common man. Jacksonian democrats were able to partially protect political democracy and the equality of economic opportunity, however they were not guardians of the constitution and its individual liberties. Andrew Jackson deemed himself a defender of the U.S Constitution. In his mind he believed that with every step he took, the decisions he made were for the people and their freedom. For example, he removed the bank of the U.S when it came up for rechartment during the month of July in 1832. He saw the bank as a “monopoly of the foreign and domestic exchange” and believed the wealthy were using it to make themselves richer (Document B). …show more content…

It was no coincidence that Jackson’s election coincided with the extension of voting rights to non-property owning males during a time with many changes in the economy. Though the labor movement would not come for many years, one can begin to see a new leader during the 1830’s, in which was Andrew Jackson. George Henry Evans, for example, was a speaker for the common man and in his declaration of 1829, he claimed that it was the duty of workers to “use every constitutional means to reform the abuses” of government and provide “guards for their future security” (Document A). Since Jackson came from a common background he became a so called “favorite son” of the common people. And while the system was becoming more democratic, women and other various minorities still had no right to vote, as well as other rights they were deprived

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