Review Of The Birth Of Modern Politics By Lynn Hudson Parsons

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The Birth of Modern politics written by Lynn Hudson Parsons reviews the years and lives of John Adams and Andrew Jackson and explains how these two men altered American Politics with their personal biases’, opinions, beliefs and practices. Parsons established that the positions and the methods used by these were structural, creating two different parties over time. The 1828 presidential elections have remained the model for all campaigns that followed. Even though as the author claims that the elections were momentous and crucial in history, it changed American politics as well as our nation by evidence from various sources and his own logic opinions. Their actions in political clashes forever changed politics in America. Smear campaigns were …show more content…

This nickname was given him by his troops during his battles, and earned because his troops said he was as tough as hickory wood. (This C Andrew Jackson Apr 27, 2017 - Andrew Jackson was the seventh U.S. president. ... Nickname: "People's President": "Old Hickory": "King Mob"; Full Name: Andrew Jackson. Was also related to Jacksons conquering the Native Americans.) He was a man of very few words but known as a “man of Action,” becoming famous for making law. Jackson was also known as a slave owner and loved cock fighting. Additionally he killed or murdered a man n a pistol duel when he was a citizen of Tennessee because the man insulted him and his wife. Jackson himself suffered a serious wound from the …show more content…

This action was the result of different political parties. Additionally this created a divide between Jackson and John Adams. (Modern Politics, 2009). At this stage of history elections were more about personalities and image, rather than important issues for the country. Evidence shows that in 1824 Jackson entered the election because of personal ambition because he disliked Crawford and Clay. During and ending this time period Parsons establishes the beginning of modern politics. Candidates began publicly exposing the transgressions of each other’s personal professional lives. These disclosures were very ugly, as have occurred in 2017. Sexual affairs, debt, families, wives, numerous wives, slaveholder, etc. have been drawn into political voting procedures. During this time frame of 1824 was the first time non- propertied white males could participate in a presidential election. Additionally, this election is the only one resolved by the 12th amendment that resulted in Adams being awarded the presidency versus Jackson by the House of Representatives. This time period was another milestone for the beginning of so called Modern Politics in 1828. This time begins the contrasting differences between Jackson and Adams. Jackson was profiled as uneducated and a war hero while Adams was profiled as extremely wealthy and educated, two completely different backgrounds for these men. Additionally,

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