How Did Andrew Jackson Changed American Politics

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The founders of the United States did their best to create a government that would not allow erroneous decisions to greatly harm the nation. They set a percent of presidents being politically sound and well-known; their beliefs for how the nation should be handled were essential to their campaign. President Andrew Jackson, however, did not follow this system, instead winning primarily by his personality and popularity amongst the common American. While his actions in office often appeared to be for the people, most had a hidden selfish side to them that he easily covered up. With the election of 1828, Jackson radically changed American politics, focusing them more on public appearance and personal character than on intelligence and political views, making personality just as, if not more important than the actual politics of a political term. …show more content…

His personality-based politics created democratic interest among the majority. Up until Jackson’s campaign, most states only allowed white, influential males to vote. However, as rules changed to allow all adult, white males to vote, Jackson’s popularity grew along with the country’s new interest in politics, and especially in the white manhood suffrage that grew with his early presidency. In addition, his presidency brought forward some rights for women, including the right to earn money and take jobs for themselves if needed. However, most of these jobs were in the factories made popular by industrialization, and were not ideal wages or working conditions (most also allowed excessive child labor). In addition, his time in office led to increased land transportation to support a strong industrial and agricultural economy within the nation. For the most part, all of these helped the American people. They not only allowed the majority to succeed, but they also helped them better understand politics through Andrew Jackson’s

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