What Are Andrew Jackson's Achievements

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Andrew Jackson On Wednesday, April 20, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew announced that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, on the $20 bill. Many people support this because they believed that Jackson did not deserve to be on the bill due to his tarnished legacy that includes advocated policies to forcible exclude American Indians, supportive stance towards slavery, and denied a national banking system and use of paper money. On the opposite, people point out President Andrew Jackson’s achievements to against this opinion that includes prevented South Carolina, defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans, and first and only president to pay off the entire national debt. As the 7th President of United States, Andrew Jackson was venerable. However, President Andrew Jackson also made several mistakes which were consider as failures in his life. In my …show more content…

He failed on his first president campaign. However, according to Christopher, with his bitter loss in the 1824 election, Jackson had become a symbol of popular that will struggling against elitist power broker and gave rise to a new era of democratic development and growing respect for the common man that would forever bear his name (Christopher). And Jackson, as popular wish, succeed in the 1828 president election, became the Seventh president of United States. Andrew Jackson’s contribution as a Military leader was tremendous. His bravery and wise leadership prevented this country from threatening aggressors. He is greatest popular hero of his time, a man of action, and an expansionist, Jackson was also associated with the movement toward increased popular participation in government. He was regarded by many as the symbol of the democratic feelings of the time. Nonetheless, the success in military and popular among citizens cannot cover his failures in political decision. He demise the US central bank in the

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