Andrew Jackson: The Era Of The Common Man

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The era of Andrew Jackson which was nicknames the era of the “common man” certainly lived up to its name. As the seventh President of the United States, Jackson had a major effect on the life of the common man, in such a way that the life of the common man would never be the same again. Jackson’s aim, after the manner in which he was defeated in the Presidential Election of 1824, despite receiving more popular votes than John Quincy Adams who took on the office, was to reduce the power and the authority of the elite. When he came into power after the 1828 election Jackson began to carry out his proposals. Jackson expanded the voting right to all men, in accordance with the Declaration of Independence of 1776 which declared that “all men are created equal” instead of just the elite. Jackson developed the economy in a way that no man had too much but every man were financially stable. Jackson built new roads and made other infrastructural improvements especially in the south that were of benefit to the more working class “common man”. Jackson also introduced many Acts and Movements that would help to improve the United States and improve the lives of all US citizens. Andrew Jackson, a former orphan and a war hero, was a popular choice when he was elected seventh President of the United States in 1828. This was based on the fact that Jackson did not hail from a wealthy or “elite” background but from the working class western state of Tennessee. Jackson had taught himself

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