Andrew Jackson Dbq

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Andrew Jackson’s presidency included many important events for the development of the country, yet many of the things he has done was controversial to many. Jackson’s democratic views were widely praised. The Indian removal helped America expand but many of the Natives were treated harshly. The National Bank had many mixed views with strong feelings on both sides. Andrew Jackson’s presidency was both successful and unsuccessful. He made the debt of the nation worse, yet he started the Indian removal allowing the country to expand even more. He also pushed equality among Americans by allowing them to vote and have the opportunity to get into office. Jackson supported the ordinary people by giving them more of a chance in the government. He extended the right to vote to many new people also allowing them to be able to run for office; therefore the government did not favor the wealthy and powerful anymore. Jackson's supporters disliked and did not trust the government and banks. They thought the government and the banks favored the rich and powerful. On page 352 it states, “‘The rich and the poor, the educated and the …show more content…

Jackson pushed out the potential threat of the Native Americans. They were getting more advanced with a written language, a constitutional government, and a newspaper in their language and in english The Natives were in American owned territory and if the Americans went around them they could have been a threat later on and one does not want a threat in the middle of their territory. The movements were harsh and many died. When the removal of the Choctaws happened there was a lack of essential supplies. As it states on page 358, “The federal government did not provide enough tents, food, blankets, shoes, winter clothes, or other supplies. Heavy rain and snow caused enormous suffering.” Many did not have shoes and had to walk barefoot through

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