Should Andrew Jackson Be On The $ 20 Bill Essay

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Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States of America ,had his face put upon the $20 bill. However, some people think he shouldn’t be on the $20 bill, and others think he should be. What he did during his presidency will determine whether or not he will deserve to stay. Andrew Jackson, does not deserve to be on the $20 bill, because of his acts as president.

Andrew Jackson robbed the Indians of their land, and removed them from their own homes. When the first white settlers came, they discovered the Native Americans, and began to trade and communicate with them. Some Native Americans had adopted white customs. Tribes such as the Cherokee would, “ [...] own prosperous farms and cattle ranches.” and they also, “ drew up a constitution …show more content…

He viewed the Native Americans as, “ conquered subjects who live within the borders of the United States”. Jackson wanted Congress to pass the law, making the Native Americans move west, and eventually in 1830 they passed the Indian Removal Act. Some tribes banded together to stand up to them, but failed, were sent away to the Indian territory, and most died during the journey.(Creating America A History of the United States).

Andrew Jackson messed up the economy with the war against the bank. He claimed he didn’t like the bank, and this became an issue, “ Jackson’s war on the bank became the main issue,[..]” . He even fought against the bank during his election, that was the main issue. He transferred government funds to state banks, and the people rallied around him. He won, but , “(the)economy would be a victim,” and it is. ( Creating America A History of the United …show more content…

He spent the 4 years before, splitting up the political parties even further. “ This division eventually created two parties.”. This would hurt America even more, later on in history. (Creating America A History of the United States)

He also talked about majority rule, meaning the majority of people’s votes would be the highest number. This would open up more opportunities for voting, and more influence, in either political parties. “ These new strategies became a permanent part of American political life”. Andrew and Adams both took part in separating America into what it is today.(Discovering Our Past The American Journey, pg.448).

Jackson influences more supporters with promises of government importance. Jackson took office but then replaced many government officials with people who supported him during his election. “ Although Jackson replaced only ten percent of the government officers he held power over, it was a high percentage compared to his processor .”. He got rid of more government people, than the presidents before him.This could cause problems considering the lack of political training these people had. (Andrew Jackson Hermitage Home of the People’s

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